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Check out our list of adorable bouquet alternatives sure to make a statement!

You're all about sweet sentiments, so for your wedding you don't want any ol' bouquet. Instead, you want to hand hold something that's sustainable, meaningful and will last more than a week. Check out our list of adorable bouquet alternatives sure to make a statement!

Cute As A Button ::One of the most popular alternatives to floral bouquets are literally, cute as a button! Button bouquets are unique, creative, and extremely adorable! They're perfect for being passed on and make for a cutesy centerpiece in your new home. Love to recycle? Take the bouquet apart and reuse the buttons. Want to take the cuteness factor to another level? Pair your buttons with felt flowers! The faux flowers add a totally different feel!

January 03, 2012

Photo Credit :: RBK Creations

Pretty Paper ::Pretty paper bouquets are perfect for cool and casual or elegant and formal weddings. These beautiful bouquets can be made of any kind of paper, including newspaper, tissue paper and scrapbook paper. Our tip? Mix solids with printed paper for a unique yet breath-taking bouquet. Our fave thing about this alternative? From color to style, this baby can be truly tailored to fit your wedding! For “crisp” flowers, decide on an origami bouquet! Want to rock a paper bouquet? Check for some fab finds! Or, if you're feeling crafty check out your local craft store for bouquet making kits.

January 03, 2012

Photo Credit :: Whether Paperworks

Sweet Like Sugah ::Candy is definitely dandy when it comes to bouquets. A fun alternative that'll surely hit your sweet spot are candy bouquets. Love is sweet and what better way to show that then rockin' real “arm candy” down the aisle? Typically made up of large lollipops, this sweet treat can be customized to your liking. Often, smaller candies (like Hershey's kisses), are paired with flora and fauna to create a typical-looking floral bouquet.

January 03, 2012

Photo Credit :: Bridal Snob

Seashells By The Seashore ::Planning a beach-inspired wedding? You can bet your bottom sand-dollar on this bouquet! For a more elegant feel, opt for an all-white shell bouquet with white pearl accents! Want to add color? Look for shells with hues to match your scheme or use ribbon and flowers. Another uber cute idea? Use a larger, cone-shaped shell to hold your bouquet together. Once she gets a peek at these sassy seashells, Sally won't want to sell hers!

January 03, 2012

Photo Credit :: Martha Stewart

Brooch, Baby, Brooch ::You love the look and feel of all things vintage, and you've got oodles of heirlooms from mom and nana. Go the brooch approach for your bridal bouquet! This gorgeous bouquet is truly a one-of-a-kind piece. The phrase, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” can easily apply to your vintage-inspired bouquet. Miranda Lambert, jaw-dropping country singer, did this for her wedding. At her bridal shower, her friends and family were asked to bring Miranda a brooch for her bouquet.  Since the beautiful brooches were supplied by those closest to her, her bouquet was truly symbolic of those she loved! Fun tip? Go Miranda style by asking your friends and fam to supply brooches for your bouquet. It'll be like you're walking down the aisle with everyone you love.  

January 03, 2012

Photo Credit :: US Weekly

January 03, 2012

Photo Credit :: Event Decorator

Whichever bouquet you choose, you'll love to know these functional facts about your alternatives: 1. They're always in season, 2. they won't wither or wilt (yay!), 3. they can be made in advance, 4. they're the perfect solution for any flora/fauna allergies, and 5. they'll last a lifetime. Plus, they're a creative and unique way to add a special touch to your special day.

TIP ::
Got a crafty Aunt or Bridesmaid who wants to help? Ask them to help create your dream bridal bouquet, they'll be thrilled to lend a crafty hand!

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