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There are oodles of little things that inspire you for your wedding, but they're scattered here, there, EVERYWHERE... until now! Enter: Inspiration Boards.

Planning your dream wedding has taken over your life... in the best way possible! You're shopping in Macy's when you see Martha Stewart's line of housewares. At that moment, it dawns on you that her signature blue would match perfectly with the lime green color of your star post-it. The next day, you're laying out at the beach flipping through an issue of People when you start ooh-ing and ahh-ing at Reese Witherspoon's floral arrangements... particularly her front-cover bouquet. The day after that, you're gawking as you watch Kate Middleton stroll down the aisle in that gorgeous gown! There's oodles of little things that are serving as inspirational items in your wedding planning process, but they're scattered here, there, EVERYWHERE... until now! Enter: Inspiration Boards.

October 04, 2011

Photo Credit :: So Engaged Blog

According to Kristin Kato, owner of A Cake Life, "an inspiration board is a collage of pictures gathered to create a loose comprehensive picture of the style, details, colors, accents and aesthetic you want to create for your wedding."

Inspiration boards can be physical (think: arts and crafts) or digital (yay iPad!) and are perfect for organizing every little detail. If you're wondering whether or not to go physical or digital here's what the designers at Passion Roots had to say, "There are pros and cons to each. Many wedding websites now offer existing templates where you can add your images and share with others. Digital boards are easy to share in today's technology age, but they cannot convey the same color, sheen and texture as say a physical color swatch could."

Our tips? 1) Create physical AND digital boards! Make a physical board to showcase the exact color, textures and sheens. But use a digital board for photos and everything else. 2) To showcase your color theme, go to any home improvement store (like Lowes or Home Depot) and look at their paint chips, grab the colors of your theme and tack them to your board... easy peasy!

Aside from organizing your ideas, inspiration boards are great to show your vendors. Many of our TWC vendors encourage these dandy boards as they help them understand the personality, styles and interests of you and your beau. Plus, by showing them photos/illustrations of things you want, you won't have to worry about any miscommunication there may be when you describe things you want to include in your dream wedding.

October 04, 2011

Photo Credit :: In The Now Weddings Blog

Now that you know how useful inspiration boards can be, I bet you're itchin' to start your own! But you're wondering WHERE you can find inspiration and pictures that are worth a thousand words... Check out our mini list below for three of our faves!

  • :: Passion Roots, one of our fab floral vendors, has amazing and adorable look books of events and weddings they've done. Great for pulling inspiration!
  • :: A super cute site dedicated to bridal inspiration boards!
  • :: A virtual board that lets you "pin" your interests - or inspirations - from anywhere on the web! What a convenience.

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