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DIY Card Boxes

A plain white card box just won't do. Check out some of our fave options, and ooh and ahh away!

From the moment your guests approach your wedding reception, you want them to be oohing and ahhing at the beautiful decor. You've planned long and hard to make sure all these little details coalesce to create a perfect, unique and totally-you-look. So, to match your vintage, travel-themed wedding, your reception table has a map with names pinned to it for your seating arrangements. Your guestbook? No such thing! Instead, your friends and family are writing their well wishes on postcards from around the globe. Now there's one detail left - the card box that is -  and you have no idea how to get the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae! A plain white card box just won't do. Check out some of our fave options, and ooh and ahh away!

The Suitcase ::Perfect for vintage inspired, travel-themed weddings (or destination ones!), suitcases make GREAT, not to mention uber adorable, card boxes. The large space makes it easy to drop in cards without a hassle. Get crafting and create a super cute hanging flag sign or decorate it with vines or wine glasses to fit your theme. Wondering where to find these sweet suitcases? Try local antique stores or Additional bonus? You can use this sweet suitcase as home decor and as a memory box for all things wedding once the big day is over.

April 12, 2012

Photo Credit :: via IttyBittyWedding

Treasures Untold ::Perfect for the sentimental couple, treasure chests work like a charm! Similar to the suitcase, the large space makes dropping in cards a breeze! For an extra special touch, opt to create this box on your own. Find a plain wooden treasure chest at a local craft or decor store. Nab some paints, stains and a burning or engraving tool, then get to decorating. Bonus? Treasure chests make for cool family heirlooms and one-of-a-kind home decor once the wedding is done. What a find! 

April 12, 2012

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Love Birds ::An alternative that's quickly gaining popularity? Bird cages! This card box alternative adds a fun, feminine touch to any reception table. Check Ross or a craft store for a plain bird cage. Then, feel free to embellish! Think: a single large poppy flower glued to the bottom corner with a little note hanging from the top, tied on with a tiffany blue ribbon. Or choose to go au naturale and leave the cage as is. Want to find a bird cage that's ready-made, complete with adornments? Check out

April 12, 2012

Photo Credit :: via Liv Free Boutique

Letters Of Love :: Looking for a unique card holder that's not so themed? How about a mailbox? Mailboxes can be painted to match your color schemes and can be easily customized/personalized. A cute idea? Decorate your mailbox like Carl and Ellie from Disney Pixar's Up! Write your names in script and plop on your handprints! So CUTE! Bonus? You can double dip! After using it as your “card box” at your wedding, you can use it as the mailbox for your new home. LOVE.

April 12, 2012

Photo Credit :: via onehipstickerchick

With so many alternatives to choose from, be sure to choose one that reflects you and your love!

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