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Have Your Cake... AND Eat It Too!

For the sweet details on different shapes, drool on!

You've always planned on having a round, five-tiered wedding cake with cascading flowers. But after attending your close cousin's wedding, you realized you wanted something more out-of-the-box, like her fun topsy-turvy cake. Then you watched an episode of Amazing Wedding Cakes on WE and realized that maybe a hexagon shaped cake would fit the bill. Torn between cakes? We're here to help you find a shape that'll take the cake! For the sweet details on different shapes, drool on!

Round ::Say hello to tradition with the round cake shape! As the round shape is the most common, it may be thought of as a plain Jane. Reality? Think of this shape as a BLANK CANVAS! Textures (Read: ruffles that mirror your wedding gown) and colors (Read: tangerine tango) look amazing on this shape. Or imagine a fan of gorgeous cascading flowers that match your bouquet. According to Kristin Kato of A Cake Life, the curves of this cake help the flowers fall nicely, creating a cascade that looks natural and elegant. Win!

April 09, 2012

Photo Credit :: A Wedding Cake Blog, CBS Wedding

Square ::A great alternative to the round cake, the square cake is (as described by Kristin Kato) contemporary and modern. Square cakes are perfect for couples who want a cake that's not too extravagant, but still unique. The straight edges and plain panels of this cake allow you (and your designer) max creativity. Accent the square shape by outlining it with ribbon or break up the lines with soft touches such as flowers and pastel colors. Kristin's tip? “Change up the look of the cake by doing off-set stacked tiers. So instead of each tier being stacked in alignment with the tier above, you can turn them at an angle for a new look.” The icing on the cake for square shapes? You totally maximize your servings with the square shaped cake! The more, the merrier!

April 09, 2012

Photo Credit :: Cakes For Weddings, Whipped Bake Shop, Delightfully Engaged

Hexagonal ::If you're looking for something different and innovative, opt for a hexagon (or even octagon) cake shape. Many couples who want to be unique will choose to go with this multi-faceted cake. Since the shape of this cake is striking when standing alone, most designers will go simple with their embellishments! 

April 09, 2012

Photo Credit :: Evantine Design, Labellz and Jill Gordon Celebrate

Topsy-Turvy ::Want something completely out of the box and rarely seen? Opt for something topsy-turvy and crazy curvy! These kooky cakes are often referred to or thought of as “mad-hatters” and for good reason. Often, couples who choose this route will go for big, bold designs. Think: diamond cut outs, bright stripes, various sized polka dots AND a rainbow of colors. Want to keep it classy? Go for ivory on white!

April 09, 2012

April 09, 2012

Photo Credit :: Weddings and Cakes, Caramela Cakes,, A Cake Life

Sculpted Cake ::Sculpted cakes can be made into ANY shape. Yes! That means it can take the shape of you and your beau's beloved dog Fido, the obsession with Hunger Games you both share and even the shape of the state you met in. While this cake shape is most common for groom's cakes and birthday cakes, you may choose to use the sculpted shape on your big day with a theme that's sentimental and close to the heart. These sculpted cakes are definitely show stoppers! 
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April 09, 2012

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Mixed To Match ::Three things you love? The tradition of a round cake, the creative freedom of the square shape and the striking structure of the hexagon cake! Can't decide between the shapes? Go with all three! Kristin says, “If you want to be really unique, it's cool to mix and match your cake shapes. We've done several cakes now that have used all three shapes- a round, hexagon and square tier!” To keep it more simple, have a scalloped tier at the base of your round cake to add interest.  

April 09, 2012

Photo Credit :: Cake Grrls Cakery,

TWC TIP?When choosing your cake shape, be sure to talk to your beau. The shape you choose for the big day should be a fun (and tasty!) reflection of your personalities and the relationship you share. Oh sweet slice of cake! 

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